VIP Express Hajj Package (Madinah First)

Prices are subject to change due to fuel charges.



Services Included

  • Round Trip Airfair
  • Full Transportation in Air-conditioned buses

Optional Services Not Included

  • $130 / Per Person Zabiha (Sacrifice)
  • $300 / Per Person Hajj checks paid to the Unified Agent Office and Visa processing




Departure - September 24

Today we will depart USA and fly to Madinah International Airport.  Unlike going to Jeddah airport, there is no need to wear your Ihram cloth before you go to Madinah. 
Expect some delays (1 to 2 hours) due to the high volume of crowds in the airport. So, please be patient. (Compare to 4 to 12 hours delay at Jeddah Airport)
Our air conditioned busses will be transporting you from the airport to the hotel.

Please make sure you do what applies to you before departure from New York:
  • Max 1 bag 23 kg small hand bag 8 kg.
  • Have your passport, Vaccinations, Unified Agent Office Check.
  • Please be at the airport 4 hours prior to departure time.
  • Wear your Picture ID card and have luggage tag on.
  • Have your medicine, valuables and other necessities in your carry-on bag.
Madinah International Airport

Madinah Hotel - From September 25 to September 29th

Staying at the 4 star Dalah Tibah Hotel across from Masjed El Nabawai.  An  open buffet breakfast and dinner will be served.

During your stay in Madinah; enjoy your prayers at Masjed El Nabawai, you will have one day to visit the histrocial places, it will be posted in the hotel what time and the day.

Dallah Taibah Hotel

Departure to Makkah - September 29th

Departure to Makkah in air conditioned busses to 5 Star Al-Shohada Hotel in Makkah. This top of line  hotel you will be accommodating during Manasik as well.
Enjoy an open buffet breakfast and dinner during your stay.  This hotel will stay with us from the day we enter Makkah to the day we will leave Saudi Arabia, including the days of the tents we will have access to our hotel rooms.
No AZIZIA Building at any time of this VIP Express Hajj Package.

Traveling to Mena - Oct 2nd

Today you will be directed by our staff members to air-conditioned buses to Mena for (Tarwya).
You will be staying in the upgraded North American Camp with air-conditioned tents.
 The upgraded North American Camp has the following benfits:
* Close to Jamarat
* Transportation by the new train between Mena, Arafat and Mozdalifa
* Mattress for each hajj
* Open buffet meals 3 times per day.


Mena Air Coditioned Tents

Arafat - Oct 3rd

Arafat day is the most essential function of Hajj rituals. Every minute of your stay in Arafat is to be spent only for Tasbeeh and Zikr. shortly before noon, stand under the open sky asking Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'Ala for Forgiveness, Mercy and Blessing for yourself, your parents, your entire families and fellow Muslims. ASK ALLAH SUBHANAHU WA TA'ALA FOR THE ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR HAJJ.

Snacks fruit and refreshments will be available.

After sunset, we will depart for Muzdalifa by train.

Upon arrival in Muzdalifa offer Salat-ul-Magrib and Isha in the Valley of Muzdalifa
After Magrib we will take the train to Muzdalifaa, pray Magrib and Isha together (Jamaan and Kasraan).

Please note there are no tents and very limited facilities in Muzdalifa. Bring your own Sleeping Bag for your comfort.

After Fajr prayer in Muzdalifa, we will be leaving to Mena in the morning by the train.

Arafat Mountain - Makkah.

Walking to Muzdalifa

Mena - Oct 4th - Oct 6th

We will take the train back to the upgraded North America air conditioned tents in Mena to stay 2-3 days after Arafat.

Transport to Makkah - Oct 6th

Today we take air conditioned busses Back to 5 Star Al-Shohada Hotel.  Breakfast and dinner open buffet will be served.
Your room at Al-Shohada Hotel will be available during manasik as well.

Departure to USA - Oct 7th

Today, our buses will transport you to the Jeddah International Airport to take your flight back home. We will be arriving to JFK airport on Oct 7th, 2014.
USA Hajj wishes you an accepted Hajj full of rewards and mercy in-shaa-Allah.  We are doing our very best to please Allah (swt) and exceed your expectations.
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